RTK Family Capital LLC is a family-owned investment firm formed to acquire majority equity interests in a limited number of companies with a long-term approach to ownership.  Together with our affiliate, Young Capital Partners LLC, we invest equity from our founding families. Utilizing our own funds, we are uniquely positioned to take a long-term approach with companies we acquire, better serving the companies’ management teams, employees and their communities.


Our typical investment will be the acquisition of 60% or more of a privately-owned company with EBITDA of between $1 and $5 million. We are seeking companies with strong growth potential in non-regulated industries. Our preference is for companies with headquarters in Virginia or contiguous states.


RTK Family Capital prefers to partner with established management teams, often including one or more of the selling shareholders. We encourage management to invest in the business alongside RTK and its principals.  Regardless of management’s ability to invest, we believe strongly in paying for performance and establishing long-term incentive programs to reward management.  We work together to increase sustainable shareholder value, empowering management to achieve their personal financial goals and objectives.


Any decision to exit a business will be made in partnership with the management team.  This is a significant differentiator from an institutional private equity group.  Private equity groups owe their primary fiduciary obligation to their limited partners.  If in the best interest of their limited partners, they will often resell an investment in 2-3 years. It goes without saying that this is not always in the best interest of the companies they acquire.


In the end, our goal is to establish a collaborative relationship with the selling shareholders and the management team.





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