Why RTK Family Capital?


RTK Family Capital is a private investment firm investing in middle-market companies in industries where our expertise enhances value, sustains growth and supports company management, their employees and the community. RTK understands that preserving the unique heritage of every business partner is the surest way of enhancing our own.  Our aim is to maintain and preserve your legacy – our long-term, patient capital is a solid solution.


We invest first in relationships and second in companies.  We design and complete a transaction structure that addresses the goals and objectives of the selling shareholders.  We typically use a modest amount of bank debt in acquiring a company, opting to invest an above average amount of equity.  As well, we stand ready to provide additional equity for the company’s growth.


Our approach makes us a unique and suitable acquirer for businesses owned by families and founders.  Additionally, we have considerable experience in providing the capital for management teams when given the opportunity to acquire the divisions they operate.



Supporting Management


A successful business runs on a skilled management team, and no one knows their company like the owners and managers.  RTK Family Capital respects that fact.  We open the door to management investment along with our own.  We believe in a business philosophy that offers incentives and rewards when times are good and mutual support and encouragement in the face of challenges.  That’s what a true long-term partner does.  We build upon the company’s history while establishing a lasting relationship of mutual respect and reward.



Family Orientation

Our investment is family capital, selective in its commitment, and conscious of preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that brings us together in the first place.  You will not find a more dedicated partner in our pursuit of conservative long-term growth.  We are interested in what works for the greater good and finding partners who support that philosophy and will make it their own.  The essence of our philosophy is a steadfast commitment to the long-term success of the companies in which we invest, their employees and their communities.



What Our Partners Expect


Competency. Sound and fair judgment is an important reason mid-sized companies
  team up with RTK Family Capital.  We bring to the table strategic and financial advice,
  access to industry contacts and extensive relationships within the financial community. 
  We typically invest in industries where we have gathered the prerequisite hands-on
  experience to provide relevant insight and leadership.  Further, that leadership is not
  dictated by a nameless committee, but by the founding principals, Jeff Moore and Jim
  Young, each having a significant personal stake in the success of each company.


Trust and Transparency. RTK Family Capital is a long-term investor and business
  partner.  Simply put, RTK Family Capital does what we say we will do and when we
  say we will do it.  This refreshing way of doing business, cultivated from over 25 years
  of experience of each partner has served us and our business partners well.


Streamlined Due Diligence and Closing Process. RTK does not have a formal
  investment committee.  All investment decisions are made jointly by RTK’s two
  partners, Jeff Moore and Jim Young.  Decisions are made quickly, providing certainty
  of a timely completion of the acquisition process.  And of course, we recognize that the
  closing process can be a distraction, therefore, our due diligence process is designed
  for efficiency.  All information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

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