Our Approach

Your goal: To find a buyer for your company who has a long-term investment approach, one who values continuity and will treat your employees with care and respect.

Our goal: To build a collaborative, long-term relationship with the selling shareholders and management team of middle-market companies.

What sets us apart

We use equity from our founding families. This sets us apart from institutional private equity groups; we are not driven by ROI mandates from limited partners. We empower management teams to make decisions that serve the long-term interest of your company, employees, and customers.

At RTK, we meet these goals through our unique approach

We invest first in relationships, and second in companies

We are a family-owned investment firm, looking for long-term investments in industries where our expertise enhances value, sustains growth, and supports the company’s customers and employees.

We are equity-focused

We design and complete a transaction structure that addresses the goals and objectives of the selling shareholders. We use a modest amount of bank debt in acquiring a company, opting to invest an above-average amount of equity. We stand ready to provide additional equity for the company’s growth.

We believe in collaboration

No one knows their company like its owners and managers. With RTK, you have a partner who welcomes management investment along with our own investment. Regardless of management’s ability to invest, we believe strongly in paying for performance and establishing long-term incentive programs to reward management — because that’s what a true long-term partner does. Working together to increase sustainable shareholder value, we empower management to achieve their personal financial goals and objectives. We build upon your company’s history while establishing a lasting relationship of mutual respect and reward.

We strive for clear exit communication

Any decision to exit a business will be made in partnership with the management team. Because private equity groups owe their primary fiduciary obligation to their limited partners, they will often resell an investment in 2 to 3 years. This is not always in the best interest of the companies they acquire — companies like yours.

We are selective about where we invest

We work with a limited number of companies, typically an acquisition of 60% or more of a privately-owned company with EBITDA of between $1.5 and $10 million. We seek companies with strong growth potential in non-regulated industries, preferably located in Virginia or contiguous states.

We are interested in add-on acquisitions

In January 2019, we invested in what is now one of the largest manufacturers of enclosures in the US, Acoustical Sheetmetal Company (ASC), partnering with our incoming CEO and allowing the selling shareholders to retire. In May 2021, we completed another 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space located on our second campus, 19 acres in Virginia Beach’s Innovation Park.

Our goal is to align with one or two like companies that share our culture, will enhance ASC’s product capabilities, and allow us to enter new markets. Targeted companies would have $5.0 to $50.0MM of revenue, could manufacture metal enclosures, control buildings, or highly engineered modular structures. We would not have a geographic preference for these add-ons. Companies are likely to serve utilities, telecom, the data center industry, wastewater treatment facilities, or government/military.

What you can expect


Our sound and fair judgement, strategic and financial advice, access to industry contacts, extensive relationships within the financial community, and over 25 years of experience provide relevant insight and leadership to best serve you.

Trust and Transparency

We are a long-term investor and business partner — and when we say we'll do something, we'll do it. Our leadership is not dictated by a nameless committee, but by the founding principals, Jeff Moore and Jim Young, who each have a significant personal stake in the success of each company.

Due Diligence

We do not have a formal investment committee — all our decisions are made jointly by RTK’s two partners, Jeff Moore and Jim Young. Decisions are made quickly, and because the closing process can be a distraction, our due diligence process is designed for efficiency. Rest assured that all information is handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

Our Investments

View our current and select past investments to learn more about the types of businesses we work with.

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