At RTK, we’re in it for the long haul. We prioritize building long-term, collaborative relationships with the businesses we invest in. Our expertise in operations, merger and acquisitions, and leadership development drives the companies we work with to reach their goals. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many businesses over the years and look forward to establishing future partnerships.

Current Investments

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Acoustical Sheetmetal Company

Acoustical Sheetmetal Company (ASC) provides environmental and sound attenuating steel and aluminum enclosures for on-site power generation and ancillary equipment. The products range from less expensive skintight factory-like packaging to heavy-duty, sound-attenuating, industrial, environment-ready units and fueling systems. ASC also manufactures weatherproof enclosures that serve as control rooms, housing…

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Investment Criteria

We are a family-owned, private investment firm seeking partnerships with middle- market companies in industries where our expertise enhances value, sustains growth, and supports company management.

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